• Is your company ready to export? Checklist of key factors for success.

  • How best to structure the front and back end of your business for successful exporting.

  • Preparation of company presentation. Creating a ‘story’ to ‘punch above your weight.’


  • What barriers to entry exist in international markets and how to overcome these.

  • Deciding where to play. Which markets offer the best opportunities for your brands?

  • What is the best route to market, distributor or direct retail?

  • Channel strategy. Which retailer channel is the best fit for your brands?

  • How pricing structures work by market and can market entry be profitable?

  • What is the best product portfolio to take to international markets?

  • Recommendation on packaging changes.

  • What are the key elements of the export marketing mix?

  • Preparation of international sales forecasts.

  • Preparation of the export P&L.

  • How to structure US market entry and can this be profitable?

  • Which trademarks need to be registered and in which classes?

  • Which are the key industry trade shows/networking events?

  • What Governmental support is available to SME’s to assist with the export drive?